I am able to serve clients of all ages and needs, helping them attain their communication goals.

Here is a partial list of some of the needs a client might have:

  • Improvement in spelling, grammar and research skills
  • Tips for more successful essays and themes
  • Enrichment necessary for selective schools and programs
  • Practice for Advanced Placement, STAAR, SAT, ACT, GED, GRE, and the military ASVAB tests
  • English speaking fluency (I’m ESL certified)
  • Reading improvement and enrichment
  • Creative enrichment for Gifted and Talented
  • Help with clients’ creative writing projects (poetry, fiction, memoirs, non-fiction articles, etc.)
  • Proven writing strategies
  • Homework support and guidance

No two people are alike in their academic strengths or weaknesses. Therefore, I will diagnose each client initially and create a growth plan specifically for each client. Results will be assessed and measured regularly. In the case of school students, I will also work to establish a partnership with the teachers for the child’s maximum success.

Communication with parents will be a regular feature.

Please feel free to call me with your questions or comments about my business.

The first consultation is NO CHARGE. During that first meeting, we will evaluate and plan how to proceed with the instruction.