Former Students

Kate Lemmon, Eastman School of Music

Kate LemmonSusan Sabino is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. Not only is she a very engaging and informative teacher, but I felt as if she really cared about her students inside and outside the classroom. She always went above and beyond to make sure her students got the most out of the class. At one point, I remember struggling with my preparation for the multiple-choice section of the AP test. Mrs. Sabino went out of her way to give me extra help, even sending me home with additional practice booklets. Because of her teaching, I felt much more confident going into the test and with English in general. She remains one of my closest mentors and I highly recommend her services.

Kate Jones, Texas Christian University

Mrs. Sabino, you have to know by now that your class changed my life. When I came into your class I was still developing writing skills that I didn’t even know I had. You put me through so many challenging and diverse situations that my voice came leaping out of me just to keep up with everything. Then I heard it, and realized that not only could I write, but that it was as easy as breathing!

You’re the type of teacher that asks her students to think outside the box – you genuinely WANT us to think and have opinions…and THEN you teach us how to make ourselves sound more convincing.

You wrote my one of the best recommendation letters ever and I will never forget that. And when I thought I was invisible, you managed to see me and get me to see that I wasn’t so invisible after all.

I know that every student who comes into contact with you is going to get more than just a good grade – they’re going to receive tools they can use for life, and the confidence to use them.

Alexander Walker, University of Texas at Austin

Alexander WalkerMrs. Sabino was always willing to work one on one with me in the classroom setting and years after having left her tutelage, she still shows enthusiasm over helping me to grow as a writer. Doesn’t get better than that.

Shannon Flores, Texas A&M University

When I was under Mrs Sabino, I was beginning the worst year of my life so far (for personal reasons), but when I was considering not taking every chance to advance myself and my education, she was the only teacher who told me that I had underestimated myself and whether I passed tests or filled in the applications or not, I would always regret not trying. These are the kinds of teachers you keep as friends on Facebook and visit during the summer break for lunch. I’m not an English major by a long shot, but I appreciate all of the help that I’ve been given by Mrs Sabino and would take another class with her again if the opportunity arose.

Tarra Conte, Texas State University

Tarra ConteMrs. Sabino is not only a brilliant teacher, but a trustworthy mentor with endless insight. I remember her genuine care for students and how she was always encouraging our minds to work in such a way that brought about stimulating class discussions and creativity in her projects. Anyone should feel lucky to be taught by her and embrace her influence.


Maureen Ortiz

I wanted to thank you for helping Jordan with his college application process. He was accepted to Baylor, Pepperdine, and Seattle University. You have been instrumental in Jordan’s success. He improved from a struggling writer to a college-ready writer with your help. Thank you for your patience and expertise!

Diane Kirstein

Just wanted to thank you for working with Lane on his writing. Hard work does pay off! We received his SAT results and are thrilled–especially with his writing. He scored a 710 out of a possible 800, which put him in the 96 percentile for the writing/grammar component. WOW!

He is really starting to come into his own and we know you played a very significant role in the improvement of his writing skills. THANK YOU!!

Former Colleagues:

Sandy Miller

It has been my pleasure to know Susan Sabino for the past 27 years. Susan and I both taught at Devine High School in the 1980s.

Susan is probably the most professional teacher I have ever known. Susan demands the best from her students and finds creative ways to make it happen. Susan is highly competent. Susan’s accomplishments include having students compete and win at the state level in UIL events.

Susan is also a caring and loving person. Susan knows how to motivate even the most reluctant learner.

James Buchanan, Principal, Communications Arts High School, NISD, Retired

James BuchananSusan Sabinos’s classroom is a rare experience where students are working or laughing or engaged in serious discussions or writing or reading; in short, her classroom is where learning takes place. I always was proud to listen to her counsel, to laugh about a student’s antics, or to discuss the latest issues in teaching. She is the epitome of the master teacher who teaches teachers, students, and administrators about the best practices in English and learning. Susan has long been the advocate of the individual student and finding a way to his success. Ask any of her students about her greatness; they will tell you.

Denise Sanford, English Coordinator, Zachry Middle School, NISD

I wanted to say THANK YOU again for the time and energy you spent working with our 7th grade students before the TAKS test. 100% of the students you worked with passed!! As a campus we scored 98%! We could not have done it without your help.

Bret Bigelow

Bret BigelowSusan is such a welcoming and friendly person and made her desire to help so clear from my first day as a brand new teacher. As my mentor in teaching, next door neighbor teacher, and partner in teaching the juniors, Susan always impressed me with not only her vast knowledge and experience of her subject but also her ability to teach difficult skills to any student. Susan’s standing amongst her colleagues in the English teaching community speaks volumes to her natural ability to impart knowledge.

I know that Susan will make an excellent tutor for any student who is working on improving their abilities as a writer, wants to improve their literary analysis skills and pass the AP exam, or just wants help with difficult classroom readings.

Nelda Andrewartha

I had the privilege of working with Susan when I was the Secondary Language Arts Supervisor at Northside ISD, San Antonio, TX. I observed Susan use her professional skills in several situations: teaching her class, participating in curriculum and academic standards writing projects, and as a presenter at the Writing Institute of Norhside’s three-week training program for teachers. Furthermore, I attended her recertification presentations that qualify her to conduct future writing institutes. In each of these situations, Susan displayed not only her extensive knowledge and ability to teach in a variety of situations, but also her gentle, firm manner with her students.

I have every reason to believe that Susan will be an outstanding tutor for students of all ages. If I had a child who needed a tutor in language arts, Susan would be my choice. I feel certain that she would be a strong tutor in other areas as well.